Shop What You Got 2014 – Challenge Accepted!


Last year I watched as the Aussie curves did iCurvy’s Shop What You Got challenge and thought there was no way I could do it. Flash to this year and I’m ready to take up the challenge. The rules are simple 30 items for 30 days (full rules can be found on iCurvy‘s blog.)

Everything I read about doing this challenge said to plan and be prepared. I swear that is how I started out- made of list of how many work days, casual Fridays and weekend days then added in any special events. From there I found I would actually need more casual clothes when I thought I would need more work outfits. I started writing my basic list then gave myself a week to work out the details, thinking I had heaps of time.

THEN I found out I would be having surgery on the 31st October and everything went down the drain! All my energy went into getting things sorted for that. Fast forward to now- life isn’t back to normal yet (still off work) but I’m back on my feet and feeling human again.

My final planning list looked like this:

4 Tops
3 Tunic
2 Jeans
2 Pants
1 skirt
2 Shorts
3 Dresses
2 blazer
2 jackets
4 cardies
2 flats
2 heels
1 ankle boots

Check out my items here

Disclaimer: the weather in Wellington (NZ) can be crazy- it actually went from tunic and leggings weather to hailing while I have been writing this. I will do my best to stick to my 30 items but will mix with warmer clothes if needed.

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Aussie Curves- Fears exposed

I haven’t posted done a Aussie Curves for ages but this weeks theme really got me thinking. I have a lot of fears but they all center around me being insecure.

Aussie Curves have helped me grow so much. I have learnt what I like to wear and what flatters my body shape. I feel that (most of the time) I wear the clothes now instead of the clothes wearing me. It’s amazing how looking good can make you feel more confident.

I have learnt to be comfortable with my body in clothes and I now need to learn to love myself without them. I want to be confident and sexy in my own skin without using clothes to hid behind.

My fear is a very personal one that few people would see and while I’m not planning on walking around in public naked any time soon (haha) its something that I will continue to work on.

Short post today without photos so I will add one in. Though because I’m hung over and have a cold it’s one from a photo shoot I did awhile ago.

Helen Johnson_027

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Aussie Curves- Spikes

Is anyone else as poor as me from the City Chic sale? I told myself before it started that I didn’t need much yet I have still spent at least $400! But I got 2 pairs of jeans, a jacket, 2 dresses/tunics, two dresses, a blazer, two bras/panties set plus more that I can’t remember.

It’s starting to get cold here in New Zealand but as you can see from the photos it’s still sunny. We should have another month of ok weather before it gets really bad in July.

Right onto the outfit! This week is spike week for Aussie Curves.


This outfit started with one of the pairs of new City Chic jean and then I built it from there. I love the look of the spikes on the jeans with the floral print of the jacket. There is just something about the mix of rocker chick and feminine style that works so well.


I wore this outfit during the day on Saturday while doing a few errands and then to hubby’s parents for a casual dinner. It was comfortable and easy to wear but the blue gives it a pop of colour.



Floral bomber jacket- Wonderlust

T-shirt- Who’s henri

Jeans- City Chic

Shoes- The warehouse

Bag- Kardashian Kollection

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Roast Veggie Soup

One of the changes I want to make with my blog is sharing more recipes. Now I’m no culinary genius but I like to cook and try new things. Last year I started eating less gluten with surprising results. I am a happier, healthier, less tired and generally nicer person to be around (seriously ask my husband gluten makes me grumpy!) Because of this I eat very little gluten but am not completely gluten free.

My plan is to share gluten free recipes to help inspire others. First up tonight is roast veggie soup!

This is one of those recipes that you can throw any veggies in and just adjust your herb and stock but I will list what veggies I used tonight.


1 larger kumara (sweet potato)
2 carrots
2 parsnips
2 red onions
2 tomatoes
2 small red peppers
1 litre of chicken stock
1/2 cup of milk or cream
Mixed herbs
Salt to taste

Cut all the veggies into pieces and place in roasting tray. Drizzle with olive oil before placing in the oven. You will notice in the photo that my pieces are all different sizes so they will take about the same time to cook. This time I added my tomatoes later but next time I will also add the onions and peppers about 15 minutes after I put the others in the oven.


Cook until almost fully cooked. These took about an hour in an 180 degrees oven.

Place vegetables in a bowl (or you could do it in your pot) with about a cup of your stock. Use a stick blender to blend until almost smooth- we like a few chunky bits but you can make it totally smooth if that’s how you like.

Put mixture into a pot and add stock. Hubby likes a thick soup but you can add as much stock as you want. Heat until warm and taste before adding spices/herbs to taste. Cook for a further 10-15minutes.

Take off heat and add milk or cream. Stir and serve.

2014-05-10 18.34.18

Soup served with home made GF croutons (made from Bakeworks Turkish Pide) and coriander.

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Bad blogger

So I haven’t posted in ages! I need to go back and fix the blog (photos/lay-out) but I just haven’t done it. Every time I think about posting I’m reminded that I have to fix things so I just don’t and then it’s back round the circle we go haha.

Last week I meet up with a few of the Aussie Curves ladies and they remind me just how much I love to blog. So keep your eyes out in the next few weeks as there is going to be a few changes.


Photo courtesy of Meagan Kerr

Check out the ladies- Meagan at This is Meagan Kerr; Ezmae over at Flashion Affair; Lisa at Lisa Likes Stuff; Jocelyn at Mama’s Style.

It was amazing to meet these lovely ladies. I have to be honest and say I was little nervous about it and it didn’t help that I was running late as well. There was nothing to worry about at all- they were all so lovely! And there is just something about sitting there and talking fashion for hours. Hopefully we can do it again soon and maybe even with a few more of the Wellington Aussie Curves ladies.

  The food at Chow was delicious and I can’t wait to go back. Next time I think I might even take hubby so I can try some of their cocktails.

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Aussie Curves- Christmas Day

Christmas this year was actually 3 days of Christmas for us! The weekend before we had my extended family BBQ which we normally have on Christmas day but it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone together (I have about 25 cousins on that side of the family!)

The day before we Christmas at my parents. It was such a great day- my nephew is 18 months old and couldn’t stop saying wow when he opened his presents. We got him a 1.6cm teddy that he wouldn’t stop hugging all day. It was such a good day I forgot to take outfit photos.

Christmas day was breakfast at my parents before driving home for a quick outfit change (the forecast was for rain but it was hot and sunny!) and then down the road to the in-laws. The whole day is very casual there- people popping in and out all day- so my outfit reflected that.

2013-12-30 20.45.33

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Aussie Curves- Cocktail

Firstly I just have to tell you how happy I am that I worked out how to make my photos full size!!! Yes I have to go back and fix the rest of my photos but it’s taken me ages to work it out (and it was a SUPER simple thing!)

I have changed the blogs theme about 10 times in the last few weeks and now I have finally settled on a theme- the default one that you get when you start a blog on wordpress! Haha few things I still want to refine but overall I’m happy with it.

Now onto the theme for the week a Cocktail outfit! This is the outfit I wore to my works Christmas party. Traditionally when I think of a cocktail outfit I think of cute just above the knee dresses however the Wellington weather decided it wasn’t a dress night. Luckily as we were staying in a hotel I had planned ahead and packed two outfits.

20131207_171045 right

Inspired by the “Shop What You Got” girls I decided not to buy anything new. Instead (and like I said due to weather) I decided to wear my newish harem pants, well-love singlet top and a blazer I have had for ages but hardly worn. Add bracelets, necklace, my wedges from the races and I was ready to go.

The whole outfit was super comfortable and I didn’t feel over or under dressed. Only issue of the night was my shoes!!! They were rubbing on my big toes which ended up making one of them bleed. Any tricks to stop this? I have worn them since them with band-aids but they still rubbed. Other then that they are super comfortable and I always get compliments when I wear them.

Pants, top, blazer- City Chic

Shoes- Number One Shoes

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